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Thanks to its technology and its network of influencers in Europe, Shop My Influence offers a new approach to influencer marketing based on the data analysis of the generated sales on social networks.

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Influence business intelligence
What is the revenue of every influencer? Which influencer sells the most jeans or makeup? Which product generates upsell to other products? Which of the highlights generates the biggest shopping cart? What time of day do your followers buy your products the most...
Valuable insights that you won't find anywhere else.
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Influencer network
A network of over 3000 influencers across Europe managed by our offices in Paris, Amsterdam, Warsaw and Madrid. Our teams of experts offer a full range of services from consulting to creative and strategic partnerships to help you run your influencer campaigns.
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A European network of influencers

Shop My Influence gives you access to a network of influencers across Europe. Thanks to our various offices in Europe, we bring you international expertise in terms of influencer marketing.

Collecting and Analyzing Sales Data

Influencer sales data can be very difficult to collect. Using our tracking tools, we help you discover which influencers are generating sales by tracking your influencer campaigns with the most advanced insights in the market.

Influencer campaign management

Our privileged relationship with our network of influencers allows us to offer a very flexible influencer campaign management service. Our creative teams facilitate the implementation of the best suited strategy to your needs and ensure its proper execution, in order to achieve the best possible results.

An app for influencers

The Shop My Influence app is the must-have tool for influencers that gives them the opportunity to get paid by their favorite brands.

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Process automation thanks to our Gifting&Collabs features.

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